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Celebrating National Black History Month. This month our nation honors the historical achievements and contributions of Black Americans. The idea of celebrating Black heritage was initially conceived by distinguished Black historian, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, in 1926 and was eventually adopted into law in 1986. …

What to consider in order to make a healthy smoothie

We’ve all tasted a smoothie before, right? They’re those delicious fruity cold beverages that are perfect portable meals on the go and great energy boosters after a workout. Whether you’ve had a smoothie before or not, you should definitely try our favorite green smoothie recipe!

Foundational Ingredients

Before we share our recipe…

Who knew nutritious meals could be so tasty?!

For decades, nutrition studies have shown the many health benefits of eating Mediterranean-style dishes. Below, we’ve shared 5 of our favorite Mediterranean inspired recipes, including two variants of a couscous salad, a delicious shrimp salad with a light tangy dressing, a Mediterranean baked salmon dish, and Moroccan chicken tacos.


Couscous Salad


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